Our food philosophy

Every meal at Cress 8 is created by our own hands and served with love. Whether it is an event or just the dinner for you, we take the time, put in local produce, pack the flavour and deliver the freedom and convenience to you. Good food does not have to cost the earth.

History made

It all started back in 2015, when our family opened Cress 8 café to share our food knowledge and decades of experience as a chef and as a home cook with you.
Cress 8 was a cosy neighbourhood café, where you experienced a unique culinary fusion created by drawing flavours and inspirations around the world.
Even though we decided to close Cress 8 café doors in 2020, we kept our kitchen open to deliver the finest quality food and provide the best service driven by our family’s passion for your life’s special occasions or just to bring your family together around the dinner table.